Training & Development

Dr. Starks is a skilled facilitator who creates a challenging learning environment that changes lives. He offers a wide range of training programs addressing issues of social justice and equity for individuals, organizations and communities. Dr. Starks will work with you to develop a session that meets your specific needs.

Dr. Starks is very passionate about sharing the "Three C's"
Conscience-Raise your awareness on issues of social injustice and understand how each one of us can Be Messengers and address structural inequality where and when we see it.
Courage-We must be brave, fearless, daring and bold to social justice work.
Compassion-We must be able to look through the lens of others.  Learn how to Love in a healthy way to advocate for the oppressed.

Dr. Starks Brings Expertise In:

Diversity and cultural competency

Structural inequality and equity

Minority recruitment and retention

Youth and young adult mentoring


The Racial Threat Perspective In Our School Systems
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Being The Messenger - Addressing Structural Inequality in a “Post-Racial” Society
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Pursuing Social Justice Through Education and Criminal Justice Reform
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